Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

was derping around in the town when i burnt the tree. 10/10 full immersion

Great Job

Great game but I have a question can somehow save the progress of the game?


Great game, but I've encountered a rather annoying bug/glitch...

Should the Crusader boss drop Laevatainn and NOT the Holy Cross subweapon on the first encounter on the bridge, he will NEVER (?) drop the Holy Cross ever again. This essentially makes it impossible to get the Holy Cross in this run.

I've attempted to get the Crusader to drop the Holy Cross after numerous attempts at the Memory / Boss rematch area, but no luck, even with the Luck +2 item and the loot skill.

Not sure if this was intentional (either you get Laevatainn or Holy Cross, not both) but it is pretty punishing if you were looking to get all items + weapons in the game.

Game itself is still fun, regardless.