Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

I loved this game. It reminded me a lot of Phoenotopia in a weird way. Though the castlevania and megaman references are pretty blatant. And that last fight. Let's just say the evasion subweapon is OP. Like, really OP.

Some glitches:

1. In the end-game boss rush, I kept dying if my health went below 5,000. It would become NaN. This is a programming mistake that can easily be avoided by being more diligent with your handling of types. Try using strict type equality (=== and !==) instead of value-only equality (== and !=), for instance. Oh, and use isNaN() to make sure a value that you expect to be a number is always a number. Remember, NaN isn't equal to anything, not even itself.

2. When I defeated Not-Sans, I hit her right before her dialogue popped up. This resulted in the entity being erased, I guess, because after she spoke her dialogue, I couldn't hit her at all (because I already did) and was basically stuck in limbo. I don't really feel like doing that fight again to see what happens when you don't accidentally hit her at the wrong frame and get stuck in limbo, but I thought I'd let you know.

Love it, It seems older than it is, but it real fun and has implemented a pretty good skill tree that compliments the game play. All the controls come naturally and you arent overwhelmed by how many "cool abilities" you are getting like other games with skill trees. My only gripe as of reaching the ice level is just the annoying floating bomb things. They don't add much to the experience and just get in your way and feel like cheep damage. I would much prefer an enemy that would use the bombs instead of just having them there. Still a fun ass game :)

I know this is kind of old but I love it so much, I love all the mechanics, the bosses, and my favorite part was how much was directly related to Mega Man Zero, like the music and the Omega Doppelganger boss. It was all around a fantastic little game. (And at least you admitted the plot was a bit thrown together after beating Victoria's Secret)

OH MY GOD, this feels great, you obviously can't sell it due to the castlevania and ragnarok resources in the game. but this was truly great. And this is coming from a veteran hardcore ragnarok player.

good game