Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

Easily addictive. I am having way more fun than I thought I would. Please keep up the good work. ^.^ I look forward to it. Arigato for making this amazing game~

This game is awesome, i'm a novice when it comes to games like this, but this playing this game feels great! The only problem is that i dont know how to progress from the Edgaa boss battle (I think thats his name) Can somebody help me out??

I absolutely Love this game! It's pretty amazing what people can do when they put in the time and effort. This game really nails that 'old-school' feeling that just made a game just feel so fun without all of the extra fluff they put in everything these days. This is definitely something that I will keep coming back too when I just wanna pick up and play something quickly.


I loved this game. It reminded me a lot of Phoenotopia in a weird way. Though the castlevania and megaman references are pretty blatant. And that last fight. Let's just say the evasion subweapon is OP. Like, really OP.

Some glitches:

1. In the end-game boss rush, I kept dying if my health went below 5,000. It would become NaN. This is a programming mistake that can easily be avoided by being more diligent with your handling of types. Try using strict type equality (=== and !==) instead of value-only equality (== and !=), for instance. Oh, and use isNaN() to make sure a value that you expect to be a number is always a number. Remember, NaN isn't equal to anything, not even itself.

2. When I defeated Not-Sans, I hit her right before her dialogue popped up. This resulted in the entity being erased, I guess, because after she spoke her dialogue, I couldn't hit her at all (because I already did) and was basically stuck in limbo. I don't really feel like doing that fight again to see what happens when you don't accidentally hit her at the wrong frame and get stuck in limbo, but I thought I'd let you know.