Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

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well this was a surprisingly good game, honestly would of paid for it.

biggest problem i have is that the download version doesn't adjust to the screen, using a wisescreen moniter i saw the screen boundary all the time and the skills menu allowed me to unlock a removed skill that didn't have its description translated.

but other than that it's a brilliant experience with all of the equipment (particularly the auto charge band, that was pretty broken until the very next boss had a shield) and while the difficulty jumps around for the bosses, mostly the humanoids this had the most brilliant boss rush implementation i've ever seen and the post game boss switched up the mechanics in such a way it continued to challenge way after learning how to deal with 6 seperate minibosses tag teaming you.

also nice reference.

The game is honestly fun,but at most points I have to grind a whole lot to beat a single boss.I would recogmend the person that made this makes it so that there are dificulty options or so,but thats just my opinion.

was derping around in the town when i burnt the tree. 10/10 full immersion