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Madness Gladius

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What's up newgrounds, this is my submission for madness day! i hope you'll like it (:

It's about a gladiator fighting other dudes while he's trying to win back his freedom.

Watch it on youtube!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq6qCHlacYs


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Damn, short but really awesome!

I just noticed the names of the Antagonist and Protagonist, Goodness hell the creativity this guy had.

The vids names like "gladius" is the name of the roman standard issue sword that could be seen in vid that's also used by the gladiator guy!....but still i love the mini movie do some more of this with ancient rome cuz i always wanted to see madness but like during the ancient rome period.

The music wasn't fitting at all really. The fighting was strategic though, and there was some nice blood and some nice kills. They had a level of variety too, but I wish less of them were one-hit. If one of the guards or the armored gladiator were to keep fighting after getting hurt, that would add more suspense and variety. I too thought the ending would be the gladiator getting screwed over because of the initials or the emperor getting killed. The ksuic didn't help. Maybe you could have chosen some different funny initials that don't also mean the emperor is telling the gladiator to GTFO.
Overall a neat Madness movie with your style, but could ahve been more exciting with wome changes.

i enjoyed this quite thoroughly!

animations where fluid and easy to follow
enjoyed the bloodshed and "Madness" that followed