Reviews for "Madness Gladius"

I loved this one!

it had nice aesthetics and animation was quite fluid too
I like the way you animated blood it looked much better than usual madness blood

sword sound were awful tho, sounded like those swords dont have weight, and same sound was repeated all the time.

There was no story, but it was acceptable since its short and action oriented

This is so cool! :)

I have to say great madness piece man i never like madness anything until this piece came around keep up the good work.

Kind regards,


Diotoons responds:

That is a big compliment! i'm really glad you liked it (:

You did a good job, man.
This animation is amazing, movements are smooth, character sprites are well-draw, whole action thing is just solid and the ending gave me some laugh.
Happy Madness Day!

Diotoons responds:

glad you liked it! happy madness day :)

A laughable work of art! Well done!!