Reviews for "Madness Gladius"


Amazing work as always! Happy Madness Day Slimshady!

Diotoons responds:

happy madness day ! :D

Even tho the movie Is not long, it's impress me how good it is + i'm sure you've put a lot of effort And love in it. Original And smooth. What can i say? 5/5!

great madness (day) tribute, with amazing+detailed drawings, good backgrounds, with fluid, fast-paced animation speed, and with a good story, with solid action!
what can i say?
its perfect!
i really liked how you drew their outfits/their helmets/their armour in general...
everything is nicely drawn, and flawlessly animated, with superb speed...
(whats your FPS speed? was it 30 FPS? also, did you used tweens or just FBF? if its just FBF, its amazing...)

all in all, great work, and a great tribute to madness (day).

keep up the good work! you are awesome

Diotoons responds:

Thanks! i've put a lot of effort in this animation so that's good to hear! the FPS was 30, and it's mostly fbf (: i'm glad you liked it

Oh man, i love this! Really good job