Reviews for "Madness Gladius"

It's about time we get a creative madness fanimation, and this is it.

Not bad, i like this video.

best ending ever best ending ever best ending ever best ending ever best ending ever best ending ever

i love it!! its perfect

Kinda late to this party, but here's my opinions about the animation.

The animation is fluid, characters have careful sense of posture in fights, as their feet actually animated to the moves. The artstyle is kind of a mixed bag to me, but I really like the style overall (The pelted gladiators and guards are really awesome!). I especially like the concept of Madness Combat characters being gladiators.

Though, A few things that put me a little of is some of the action. It feels a little too controlled, as in the kills and deaths feel a little the same (Block, block, parry, thrust.)... Like there's something restricting the characters from killing each other with more flexiblility. The audio and sound design is quite strange, you got pretty much the same sound when the weapons clash each other and the music is strangely mellow compared to what's really going on (I was expecting the music to get slightly upbeat with killing).

Overall, I really like the animation. A few things like the sound design could get sorted out, but at most, Keep it up!