Reviews for "Madness Gladius"

Yeahh, good animation, i wanna see a full history of him.

An amazing tale of a man who has untold combat expertise, but wishes to leave combat.
This was a great movie, Slimboy. Great graphics and a great sense of combat.
Personally my favourite part was the crowd following him, 'Oohing and Ahhing'
Keep up the work buddy!

Diotoons responds:

thanks man you too! good job on winning daily first (:

I would have given it a full 5 stars if it weren't for the part where he slashes straight through the metal armor.

It's great to see another take on the Madness mythos! It's kind of hard to explain why I didn't like this more. Was it a bit too short? Did I miss the guns? I still liked it, of course. I am just confused as to why this is the highest rated one for this year.

I like the idea of these guys with six packs. It's so original! I did like the swordplay. I do think "Gladiator" is a great movie. Of course, I would have remembered it more to compare this to the film.

This was awesome and he was actually fighting for something rather than mindless violence with no storyline.
Very good original piece nice work