Reviews for "Madness Gladius"

Slimpy incredible.

Great plot, animation, soundtrack and much more!

Well the gladiators/imperial rome era film is not my favourite gnres lel, but let's being objective, the fact that you made something original from the regular madness movie has earned a highest point. XP
There's some thing that i want to write but they are just personal opinions!
Lookin' forward for your next movie madness or non! :)

Diotoons responds:

thanks man, i'm glad you liked it (:

Gotta say this was Madness with a point!

A declaration of freedom signed by Get The Fuck Out... that is a wicked double entendre.

Well done. This was not Sparta! IT WAS ROMAN MADNESS!


Theodosius Maximalus Erectus thanks man you just made my day :D

Diotoons responds:

haha no problem :D