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OVERBOY - Game Design & Programming


Theophile Loaec (thomaslean) - Character Art & Sound Design


Augustin Grassin - Environnment Art & UI




Short and easy game made in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 32 which theme was "An Unconventional Weapon" (a 72 hours gamedev contest).

We will probably work on a more polished version if the community likes this prototype ^^' (with more difficulty, levels, upgrades, less spammy gameplay, medals etc..)

Out of 2800+ games, Genemon came 8th Overall, 9th in Fun and 9th in Graphics !!!



> Your goal is to crush the opponent's DNA tank with your Genemons.

> LEFT-CLICK once on a Genemon icon to select it

> LEFT CLICK once again on the terrain in oder to spawn it (cost DNA).

> DRAG AND DROP a Genemon icon onto another and a reveal a new Genemon (cost 1 Fusion Cell) !

> MOUSE OVER these to collect the DNA or Fusion Cells (dropped by Genemons) in your Genegun.

After each round, choose a new enhancement for your Genegun !


UPGRADES : We had to rescale the game for Newgrounds, so if you can't read the upgrades descriptions, here they are :

Genegun reliability : Increases chances from 80% to 90% not to fail a Genemon generation

(from 90% to 100% for level 2 upgrade)

Immediate Fusion : Grant the Genegun a free Fusion Cell each

(2 Fusion Cells for level 2 upgrade)

Cloning Device : Spawn 2 clones for each stade 1 generation on terrain but the cost in DNA increases.

(3 clones for level 2 upgrade)


"Embody a Bio-hacker owning an High-Tech Genegun able to give rise to Genemons, some genetically modified creatures built up to struggle against some others and capable to fuse into new ones to fight into explosive underground arena battles."

You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website.

contact : overboy.games@gmail.com

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its really cool but too fast


If only there was hotkeys...

My god, is this game difficult... Farthest I reached was... Level 4? Fun, but got too angry too fast. 3.5/5 stars, it's a great game, lots of fun, but I just can't do it.

Interesting concept but needs to be expanded more (make it longer). Also, the 3 clone spawning pretty much breaks the game since you don't have to bother with fusing if you can just spam Level 1's.