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Reviews for "GENEMON"

Damn, was it really create in 3 days ? It desserves 5 stars certainly ! THE FUSIONS ARE SO EPIC ! Great universe, great gameplay and wonderful pixel art.
Some flaws :
- I didn't realize immediatly about Fusions, it maybe lacks a little tutorial
- A little bit short (nice for a 3 days work though)
- The clone upgrade seams a bit overpowered
Can't wait for the post-jam version ! :D You've got a new fan.

Are you kidding me ? That's the third day in a row you publish a super game here ! So, as always, awesome aesthetics, brilliant and juicy gameplay with clever and innovative mechanics. Indeed, there are little game balancing issues but for a jam game it's a great great work. Please continue to post one game a day :D

I like this game

Cool but so short :o

Great game, but waaay too short of content.
We want MOAR!