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Reviews for "GENEMON"

Really fun concept.

It's quite the fun concept, but the only reason the game is playable is because the small units have no cooldown. Between creating multiple copies of the smallest dudes at once, their complete lack of any cooldown or penalty for using them, lack of power-to-cost on the small dudes, the fact that there are not hotkeys can almost be ignored.

But all those monsters look cool, and it's only realistic to bother with one because there's no way I'm going to be able to exert a meaningful presence on the map and keep on top of cooldowns on all my things. If you are going to develop this game more, hotkeys will not be optional- I like the concept and you've outright said it's a prototype, so I'm willing to allow some leeway.

Seriously, though. Hotkeys.

The concept is great and all, the fact that the gen 2 creatures have such a long cooldown when the level 1 have none, is a bit weird, it made it so that Fusion cells are completely unnecessary and redundant, when you could for 10 mana spawn 3 of the first gen 1 creature, instantly and suddenly I had 30 gen 1 creatures in less than 2 seconds and then 20 seconds later the enemy is dead and I've taken no damage whatsoever.

I like the concept, but the mechanics I feel are lacking, even for a game made in 3 days, the music is really irritating, otherwise I liked it and if it ever were to be upgraded or so I'd love to come back and see if it is any better.

Really fun concept. The monsters have some really cool designs and the gameplay is fast and fun. The lack of a tutorial and the cooldowns tho, yeah that would make the experience much better. But still, pretty damn fun.

We are really waiting for a full version! Great concept! Great work in such little time! Thanks!
When you do the full game (I hope you will) please consider switching the selected mob by keyboard keys