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Reviews for "GENEMON"

It's a great concept but it lacks a bit more content.

Fun, but its kind of too simple. You can just spam cloned rats and win with no effort.

the game is cool i like the "genemon" word but the game is soo quick i

Completed entire game just by spamming Lampirises. Double/triple spawn rate helped a lot. Thought you'd want to know about this.

Also, the game is too short. I hadn't enough fusion cells to research all of the creatures. But they look surely cool.

It's fun concept, but it felt to me like the only way to really pay attention to what you could evolve/use/collect is to be on some kind of time-warping drug. I gave up trying to pay attention to the mechanics after I was destroyed while I was trying to figure out how to splice and literally beat the game with one type of monster by just swarming my opponent faster than their monsters could get to me by going full genegun reliability and cloning device.