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Reviews for "GENEMON"

Good, but why does it suddenly end with you won, why not keep playing?

Also, the cooldown of the big monsters is horribly. If you want to spawm more, you need to select others. And simply the time lost to selecting others ruins it. Why not allow clicking on the field to spwawn smaller monsters automatically while bigger has cooldown?

really good game
the only thing it needs is hotkeys
it sometimes lags to me
but i think its becouse my pc sucks

merge help nothing take forever to make 1 when he make 4 or second really bad game in that

It is fun, but mixing helped at nothing, the top left monkey with clones is the way to win, the big bad monsters look cool but can never use it right, cuse too expensive and clicking back took too much time.

Allright. This game has some potentiol.
But it's way to easy if you know what to do.
you don't even need to lvl up the genemons or whatever you call them.
Just lvl up the clone "skill/perk" and let loose the top left "gorilla".
A swarm of them can kill anything, while at the same time take a chunck of the enemies health.
If you put a longer cooldown on the bigger ones, and at the same time make so that you need to sacrifice the smaller ones to get enough dna to get the lvl 3 guys, that would make it more interessting.
Also remove the clone perk on lvl 1.

I really think it has the potentiol to be a great game, but you need to balance the stats of the creatures and the reward of creating a lvl 3.