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Reviews for "GENEMON"

Everything looks pretty neat, but the only way to win this game is just spamming the basic unit.

Enjoyable, though I should really have read the description before starting as the game gives no tutorial and jumps straight into it. I never really figured out how to upgrade units until the 2nd play through. Won the first one by simply zerging the basic unit.

pretty cool, easy to learn, nice sound and graphics.
i really wish we could assign hotkeys to genemon so we could more easily switch between them. the fact that the game was so fast paced and that we had to stop spawning for a second in order to swap meant that basically there was no point to creating the 2nd tier at all, and it still seemed like the new units had little benefit besides the visual appeal. it really seemed like everything but tier 1 spamming was a waste of time because a few flies could easily defeat any tier 2 or 3 genemon for much cheaper.

anyways, i look forward to the sequel/updated version. great work

Awesome game. Great design! Loved it. I like how monsters fuse and for new cool monsters, but....

the monkey guy is all you need to beat this. Using the other ones take too much dna. :/


Finish the game with a lot of monsters a lot of skill builds a lot of things and online mode with ranking system
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