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Reviews for "GENEMON"

If you could make a second champaign oriented game from this that would be awsome!
Great atmosphere, gives enough challange and has a replay factor.

its too hard but cool

This is really a fantastic game given the time frame that you guys completed it in. That being said however, it would be considerably more enjoyable if there was a short tutorial, or set of instructions before you start that cues the player into all the features. Also making the fusion monsters considerably more powerful might keep it from being so easy to rush your opponent with one type of Genemon. Looking forward to more development if you guys choose to do so.

You should continue this game, it's so cool.

The game play and ideas are great, but far to easy.

All I had to do to win every round was spam Beringei (top left unit) until I saw a DNA or fusion cell drop, grab that then continue spamming. All the units looked cool, but other then when the enemy used those units or I used a fusion cell I never saw them.