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Soft Child: No Evil 015

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Might be the pattern for a while One month nothin' then two months with episodes then nothin' then two months with episodes. Slowly gonna shave it down to One a month I think, with extras. Next month will be off I think, Got extra time at work.

Thank you very much New Colorist Kaishu Mennella who did most of the coloring!

Learning experience. Next one in a fortnight.

Cast of No Evil:
Warlordofnoodles: Kitty (kajortoq), Calamity (chalchiutlicue)
Mr. Shoes: Huey (huehuecoyotl), Amaroq
MrMexicanFoodIsGood: Ichabod
Rachel the flying: Wrip
T.L.Jones: Vinkle
Sushijustask: Paula
Charles: Dr. Awesomesauce
Starshine: Angel
Masquerader: Corn (Quetzalcoatl)
Chief McCoy: Specks
Cheif Hatfield: Chirp Chirp

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Interesting. . .

Wow the backgrounds in this one are fantastic. Trying out some new techniques?


So much tension, and a very well done musical ending.

The plot thickens.

That was great. But i have no idea what the story is. Great job.