Reviews for "Soft Child: No Evil 015"

As expected, another amazing video. I really liked the whole thing, but the twist of an ending was a real winner. Looking forward to the next installment.

The story's getting very suspenseful.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!

dohhhhh this was spiffydoo, Noodles! so neew colorist, huh? NIIIIICE! I can't remember who the guy who grew the tree is... O.o

So I've seen all the No Evil videos, which might be why I'm not as confused as some others. Even so though, some parts were a bit... hard to follow. Like Corn and his window... my guess is he has some ability to manipulate wind, since a breeze blew in and then the window broke, in addition to him "flying" out of Wrip's house later. Or maybe he has very poorly built windows... or was long enough to physically smash it and then crawl/slither out .-. It's not very clear ^^'
I also had to watch it several times before I realized Corn bit Calamity after she ripped the poppy off. At first, I wasn't sure exactly when she was bit.
(It was pretty obvious though what was going on with the poppy, Calamity explained it literally 44 seconds before ripping Corn's off. I'm not sure how someone could not understand that, "reptiles are backwards" after all :3)

Anyway, who summoned that tree and Xochipilli? A yellow hand threw the seed (pretty sure it's a seed) down, so I'm guessing it was Corn... but he was unconscious. So... Wrip threw down the seed? Good thing she found them and happened to have magic tree monkey shaman summoning seeds on her person.
I hope this is explained in the next episode ^^'

Slightly confusing stuff aside, great animation as always! And the music at the end was beautiful ;-; At 3:21, holy shit that is a beautiful and haunting image! I never liked Corn much, and now he goes attacking Calamity who was trying to help. Not cool man, not cool ಠ_ಠ
Anyway, with Amaroq causing shenanigans again, and zomg Xochipilli *leh gasp*, I can't wait to see what's going on :D

I don't even know what this is but I love it way too much. ;w;