Reviews for "Soft Child: No Evil 015"

Not my favorite, but loved it just the same.

It proves, just as the one before and the one before again, that as long as there IS another coming it is always worth the wait.

Thanks for the viewing pleasure, keep up the great work.

Simply amazing as always, i just love these!

I REALLY love little bunny fufu. Today story was amazing.

Awesome work as always.

I don't know if this is supposed to be llike this, but in 3.04 Calamity's hat, because of the angle it's in, seems to be missing its interior... like the small part of slightly darker background? Same with Corn's cape at 3.17, it kind of looks like it's missing a portion at the bottom...

The story's getting very suspenseful.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!