Reviews for "Soft Child: No Evil 015"

dohhhhh this was spiffydoo, Noodles! so neew colorist, huh? NIIIIICE! I can't remember who the guy who grew the tree is... O.o

Watch yourself with the animation-quality and storytelling quality: this and the last one are approaching COMPLETE incoherence.

When Corn somehow flies and busts out of his house, for example, it's not immediately clear that's what he's done.

Nor is it clear what the devil is happening when Calamity ... punches? Corn? Grabs something off of him? I don't know.

Still real cool, don't get me wrong.

But if you're going to tell a story through action scenes without words, you probably ought to be more careful to ENSURE that those scenes communicate just what the devil is going on.

Okay, WTF just happened? Corn went all crazy and tried to attack Calamity? Except the poppy designs kept them warm and Calamity made Corn pass out but then a tree grew and what?

It 's great how all your stories here are special, special in a great way that is. every time you create one, i'm all facinated by it, how did you come up with the idea? it's just Amazing!

God I love these, and the voices are wonderful,
you've gotta gift.