Reviews for "Soft Child: No Evil 015"

I feel bad about not being able to understand the story in this. It doesn't matter, because it's visually fantastic. I especially love the voices. You really do get to feel for these characters. You're simply someone who can do no wrong! I really associate with this situation.

I just like the idea of being in a secluded area at night. A lot of us feel like that. The rabbit was the best. It really did make sense within its own world. I can understand why the rating is so high. I know you'll never stop making great stuff.

oh my god yes, so much yes!
this video has everything!
Amaroq, mystery. revelation, Calamity, Corn, and now... that effect of
"add a character in one of your first videos ever made, then ease them into the story"
hear no evil?
did i catch that?
as i got,
in the raven fire,
one had his eyes sealed, this one had his ears sealed, and the last one had her throat sealed.
see no evil
hear no evil
and speak no evil?

very confusing.
the snake has always been weird and secretly, but this is just confusing.

I usually try to write detailed, specific reviews, but all I have to say is: Warlord-of-Noodles, you're the best.

Always great story telling ^^