Reviews for "Soft Child: No Evil 015"

so soft :O great job Noodle my friend let's go eat some chinese food whatcha say >.o

Woot!!! Another chapter in the story

I KNEW IT. Corn was targeted because he was the one who could get rid of the black stuff... good thing the 3 monkeys are still around. But.. what happened to Foo-Foo.. and what does Amaroq have to do with the black stuff infestation?

Amazing.. can't wait to see what happens next! You really know how to satisfy the want for new information in each episode while leaving good cliffhangers. On a technical note, the cinematic quality seems to be constantly improving while maintaining the same style and feel. Excellent!

Ah the next in the series. I've been waiting on this :D and it was as good as I expected.

As expected, another amazing video. I really liked the whole thing, but the twist of an ending was a real winner. Looking forward to the next installment.