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Ghostbusters B.I.P. #3

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Author Comments

"Ghostbusters - Bust In Peace"
Fanfictional comic by Francesco Dell'Anna Muja

It's an INTERACTIVE ANIMATED COMIC. Every now and then you'll get to choose the next panel, making a decision that will slightly alter the evolving of the plot.

-----------NEW FEATURES---------------
- The third and FINAL CHAPTER of the story
- 14 ALL NEW medals, for a total of 29
- A SCOREBOARD for your "first read score": it will only consider the medals you earned the first time you read each chapter. That means the decisions you'll make through your first read are the most important – make them count.
(You can read the chapters in the order you want, but the score will be submitted only when you've read all of them; I advice to read them in the right order, as if you don't you won't be able to get a certain gold medal in chapter 3)
- QUICK READ MODE: when you read a chapter for the second time, you'll always be able to skip to the next interactive point by clicking on the ghost logo that will appear in the lower part of the screen

I finally present to you the third and conclusive installment of the series. I'm sorry it took so long.
To make up for it, the last chapter is a bit longer than the others and has a lot more medals to earn!

I've always been a great fan of the Ghostbusters franchise.
Maybe because both the movies and the animated series were such a big part of my childood that I still remeber them fondly.
... Then, as most of you might know, Harold Ramis, the actor impersonating Egon Spengler - and co-writer of the movies - passed away. May he rest in peace.
That's when I decided to make this comic. The idea just popped to my mind and refused to go away.
You won't find much drama or angst in here, though: I want this to be a (modest) tribute to Ramis' talent for comedy.
It required some work - especially 'cause I had to custom edit most of the sprites I used, since I can't really draw - but here it is.
Hope you'll like it!
Thank you for your time, please forgive my babbling and... enjoy.

P.S. In the canonical timeline, this story would be settled between the second movie and the most recent videogame.

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oblivion is another ghost with mania of grandeur, like Vigo or Gozer, and wait, when oblivion attacks, why have the phantom, alien of ben 10?

Which two remixes play during the final fight in Chapter 3 and where can I download them? They are really good.
1. The music that plays when Egon says I ain't afraid of no ghost
2. The music that plays when the rest of the team rescues him?

The Full Credits list these remixes:
instrumental cover by Dunalian (Dan Valian) https://youtu.be/XotcsEDpTNk
dance remix by Ghost Grnder https://youtu.be/j6-hedZj2AY
remix by The Ingamo Project I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE

The Dunalian remix does not sound like #1 or #2.
The Ghost Grnder remix sounds like the end credits music not #1 or #2
So maybe #1 and #2 come from The Ingamo Project? I can't find it.

I am not afraid to admit, i ABSOLUTELY hated (with a vengeance) the Ghostbuster's reboot movie "Answer the Call" Loved the three original movies and have tried some Ghostbuster games since then. But i have to say that this was damn freaking AWESOME! i would love to see other graphic novels bought to life like this! well done!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your very nice review.
And, to tell you the truth, I got bored of working on point and click games. I think I'll stop that after the last Zombie Society game that I'll upload in the following days.
Might be a good idea to make another interactive comic, just to go back to my roots and do something fun.
Thanks again!

got all three gold medals on the first time

Muja responds:

Good job!

The possessed eco-friendly hippie attacked!

Muja responds:

Hurry! Let's zap him!