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Reviews for "Ghostbusters B.I.P. #3"

OMG this is even better than the walking dead game, a really good "game" with a story full of ghosts and comedy.

Just a masterpiece

Muja responds:

Thanks, I really put lot of effort and love in this one, glad you liked it!

daw... i still liked the ending better when i crossed the streams, but hey, it's always different when it comes to these Choose Your Own Adventure style things. i actually appreciate it more than i do the original movies, even though they really shouldn't be in the game category since they really aren't (more akin to interactive movies than anything else).

i am surprised they let you post the same medals for all three iterations. not that i'm complaining, mind you. mwahahaha. i do appreciate the use of Metal Slug sprites, given the nature of the mixed media does mean that it's hard to get everything to jive as well as it did: it's blended pretty well. a surprising amount of remaining typos i suspect are the result of inadequate help, though personally understood an also equally likely result of spoiler-free project zones: comes with the territory, very unfortunately.

not as many credits as i expected to see for a project this size, all things considered. lots of resources, so hope everybody got some appreciation. condolences for anybody that didn't.

I really enjoyed this as both a comic and as an adventure game.

I love the galore of medals that one can get by playing all three games in this series. It's about 1000 points total.

I really liked the story of the 3rd chapter putting together the 1st chapter with the 2nd and making choices from past chapter relevant in the 3rd.

Very good game:
- Great story, both entertaining and sensible.
- Witty dialogues.
- Good music and sound effects.
- Good pixel style graphics.
- Lot's of medals.
- Choices were very well made. The best options were not too obvious and in the same time not too hard to guess if you think and understand the situation well and have a general Ghostbuster knowledge.
- True to Ghostbuster's spirit.
- In this final installment the option to skip to choice points is added when playing trough a chapter for a second time, this makes this better then previous two chapters.

Why my rating is not perfect:
- I would like to see this on fullscreen and with an animated cursor instead of the default windows one. But these features are not included.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your detailed and nice review!
This is a game I made ages ago, I'm very glad someone is still playing it!

There's really nothing more I can add, I'm glad you had fun!

This was a beautiful tribute to Harold Ramis. Can't wait for more Zombie Society! (I love your point and click games).

Muja responds:

Thank you! And I'm glad you were able to find this little thing I did back then, I had a lot of fun while making this one :D

great finale to a great series, man! can't wait to play the next game you come up with.

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you had fun!

And if you want more like this, check my profile: I've made another interactive comics series titled "Zombie Society - Death after death".

While if you like more classic point & click games, I've made some of those, too!