Reviews for "Ghostbusters B.I.P. #3"

This was a beautiful tribute to Harold Ramis. Can't wait for more Zombie Society! (I love your point and click games).

Muja responds:

Thank you! And I'm glad you were able to find this little thing I did back then, I had a lot of fun while making this one :D

great finale to a great series, man! can't wait to play the next game you come up with.

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you had fun!

And if you want more like this, check my profile: I've made another interactive comics series titled "Zombie Society - Death after death".

While if you like more classic point & click games, I've made some of those, too!

The ending just puts the biggest grin on my face. The music is incredible, the characters were amazing, this truly deserves 5 stars.

Muja responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!
The music really is incredible, one of the best soundtrack of all times. At least, I like it a lot :D

A very good game overall, I loved it when the music swelled in the last scene.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun!
The Ghostbusters main theme is intrinsically epic, and I tried to use it at the most appropriate times :)

The music brought me right back to the cartoon series.
The Characters were spot on and I thank you for that.
Slimer was not a main character, thank you.
The story line and tie ins were absolutely well done. You hit the nail on the head with continuity.
Fun, entertaining, enthralling, and five stars sir!

Ever think of making another one?

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you had fun!

This comic won't ever have a sequel, mainly because I don't want to work on "fanfictions" anymore. I'm focusing on my own projects, and a new interactive comic like this one but with original characters and story will "soon" be online, I hope you'll have a chance to read it!

Thanks again!