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Reviews for "Ghostbusters B.I.P. #3"

What a awesome comic!!! Thank you for this! I was really thrown back in good ol times where ghost got huntet by real man! :)

Good work!

Muja responds:

Thank YOU for reading and for writing a review!

Absolutely frigging fantastic!!!!!

SOOO worth the wait - you did not disappoint - once again your work has only added to the Ghostbusters mythos. Pacing as always was fantastic. Writing really holds everything up. LOVE the sprites.

I really think your flash comic is a good benchmark to go by: most either underdo it (a pdf would have been as good) or overdo it (ends up comic with too much animation); I think this is just right - it is still a comic - but it would not have the same impact presented any other way.

Thanks so much for adding a quick read mode - I love exploring all the different options you put in - they all read really well. It was fun to reread the first two chapters to see how much I remember ;)

Really liked how there were three different ending for New York (dependent on your chapter one medals). LOL - rookie to the rescue!!

And thanks to you, I have been a participant in the 2nd biggest interdimensional crossrip since the Tunguska blast of 1909!!

Muja responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! You followed the series since its first chapter, so I'm glad you liked the ending, too!
That's almost as exciting as that undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration

The girl was hurt a small bit, I worried the people at the hotel, my research was for nothing and I nearly forgot about Egon but in true Ghostbusters fashion it all came out gravy in the end. It really was a great comic you did there. A nice, solid story and you had the humour down as well. It felt as if each of the decisions had weight to them and the consequences had weight to them as well. The music was also well used and the fact it was from the animated series made it instantly recognisable. The only problem was here re a few spelling errors here and there but all in all a good tribute to Harold Ramis. Well done

Muja responds:

Thank you for you kind words, I'm really grateful!

What was the important thing Ray had to say about Cindy that he forget?
Maybe that she had no pulse and was a ghost all alone?
I still want to know!

The music,the dialog, the characters they all had the spirit of the Ghostbusters.
This game didn't feel like a fan game. This game felt like it was part of Ghostbuster franchise.
You captured the essence of the Ghostbusters even better than Ghostbusters games I have played before.
You did a very amazing job and you should be very proud of yourself!
Your game deserves 1st but then again many people here where not a 80's kid that is why they can't fully appreciate this work of art.
I am still looking forward for your next product and wish is a teenage mutant ninja turtle trilogy comic! My inner child,gamers that where 80's child and your inner child would love a TMNT !!!
Maybe you could do a mix of interactive comic and point and click game.
Thank you for making this comic I am truly graceful :) and my inner child deeply thank you.
Also thank you for adding a skip button that we suggested! It was really needed!

Muja responds:

Your first guess is right: Ray checked Cindy's pulse and found out she was dead (guess I should have mentioned it somewhere near the end).

Thank you for all your compliments!

I'm a ghostbusters fan, but I hate this hybrid flash comics. They don't make good comics and they don't make good games.

Muja responds:

Well that's your opinion and I respect that.

And though I agree this is not a real game, I think that an animated interactive comic with music makes a good comic indeed! I think the whole reading experience changes for the better!

Afterall, we have the technology, why shouldn't we use it? A conservative love for more traditional media doesn't sound to me like a good enough reason.

Thank you for your review.