Reviews for "Ghostbusters B.I.P. #3"

ghostbusters is my favorite Halloween series

Muja responds:

Thank you! Everybody love ghostbusters!

Fantastic interactive story, enjoyed it the whole way though, just as much as LoA. It's got a lot of cheesy charm to it and I liked how well it integrated with the medal system, to give more replay value. Great job tying in Harold Ramis's tribute into the story, the theme of remembrance was brilliant, touching, and subtle enough that the penny only dropped for me close to the end. I rarely write reviews any more, but I'd like to ask you to please keep submitting more great content here where you can.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, really!
Since the very first moment I came up with the idea of this story, my intent was to make a tribute to Ramis. I'm glad I was able to convey that, and I'm thankful for your review.

As for my future projects.. I'm going to submit a new game right next week - with original characters and story - and though that's not an "interactive comic" but a more classical point and click adventure, I hope you'll like it nonetheless! It's titled "Escape the Game"

But don't worry, more interactive comics like this one are coming soon, starting from a "remastered version" of my "Zombie Society" series that's finally reached its conclusion.

And after that, I plan to make a "choose your own life" kind of game settled in ancient japan that will use a fighting system very similar to the one in Street Fighter LoA (I'm glad you liked that game, too!)

What I mean is.. keep following me, more stories/games are on their way! :)

Thanks again!

damn this game was what i needed these days,makes me laugh nearly in every scene

Muja responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad it made you laugh!
I think we all love Ghostbusters because it's the perfect mix of horror and comedy, so I'm glad I could convey that!

Thank you again for your nice review!

I love that line it cracks me there is only one thing you can do when a women is mad take the car and run that is funny as hell

Muja responds:

Funny... and true! lol
Thank you for your review!

Love it! A choose your own adventure with the Ghostbusters, I squeed so much in my head!
A lovely tribute to Harold Ramis and the gang. I was going to bug for more but I see there is another one for me to play. So I'll just bug you in that one!

Muja responds:

Ahah thank you for your kind words, but this one is the complete version of this comics series, that includes the third and last episode.
The other ones are older versions that I published before this one, so you won't really find anything new in those.

And unfortunately, I'm not going to make another one.. now I want to focus on my own original projects.

But I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for your review!