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Zombie Tactics

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Tactical hexagon turn-based zombie survival game. Play through the main story, find additional survivors, and reach one of four possible endings.

Version 20
- Fixed nurse skill to heal the correct amount.
- Fixed crash bug when refusing to trust the scientist.
- Fixed and improved scientist napalm and glacius skills.

Version 21
Potentially fixed bug that causes a crash with the scientist's Incinerate skill and flames leftover from a battle.

Version 22
- Fixed athlete's vigor to award bonus damage based on percentage of current stamina.
- Primary melee and range weapons no longer target stunned zombies.

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Pretty fun, though a bit too time consuming for my taste.

This game is awesome, the mixing of ideas and the characters are very nice, i just missed some hotkeys to not use the mouse so much

I nearly never give out a five star rating, but this i have too.

This was under my "recommendations for you" tab and boy did they nail it.

A great game is a four star game. A great game that appeals to your exact tastes is 5 stars.

A great amount of strategy and tactics in the game with out being overly complicated, the ideal flash game.

its about 3 hours long which is a good length, and of course i wish it was longer because i had so much fun. but 3 hours PLUS the survival mode is fair.

The "choose your own difficulty" i found was brilliant. The player gets to pick is own difficulty by sending out a certain amount of team mates to scavenge. This gives the difficulty a range of "very easy (send no one), easy (send one), normal (send two), hard (send three), and impossible (send all but one).". This ALSO rewards the player for picking a harder difficulty with more coins and items, so their efforts dont go unrewarded!

Who ever is responsible for the game mechanics has Extreme skill in creating a balanced, diverse strategy, and simple to understand game.

my only gripe which i would usually take points away for, is the survival mode. I LOVE the idea of the survival mode, i just wish it was more customizable. I wish you could still use your players from story mode with their levels and everything in tact, and continue to level them in this mode and gain coins for more items. Its lame you only get to pick 3, and wish there was 3 modes, hard normal easy. Easy you get all, normal you take away some, and hard you only get three. The menu interface should also show your high score next to the buttons where you click to choose difficulty. for example

EASY (highscore 167)
NORMAL (highscore 95)
HARD (highscore 32)

With this addition, creating challenges would be easy to go along with survival mode such as get 50 kills in one game with the hunter, get a score of over 100 on easy, get a high score of over 50 with out using the medic on normal, ect.

Typically, games of this nature have a plug such as "buy the full version for a insane amount like 15$" but this game has no plug, other than to switch sites for a SMALL character choice that has nothing to do with story mode. I found this more than fair and this is one major reason i felt the need to give you a rare 5 star "MUST PLAY" rating.

I thought it was fun, as most people have as well. I was surprised when it ended, so I'm casting my vote for "wish it was longer." But for me, that's more of a compliment than a complaint.

My biggest gripe is the multiple endings. It doesn't seem like the endings vary enough to warrant another playthrough. Maybe after some time, I'll come back and get the other ones.

I used blue pills on the ninja mostly, and used the lumberjack to scavenge everytime. I only lost the healer once, and never lost completely. So it would appear that a tougher challenge might be needed :).