Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Great graphics, great twists, great gameplay, perfect

It would be very nice if this game had an "Undo" button. Many time have I moved a character by mistake or where I didn't want that person to go, and I couldn't take the move back.

Game really needs save slots.
Having to reply the game all over again just to see a a different ending is so annoying....
Especially for these types of games that takes a long time to pass a level.

Played through the main story. Awesome game. A little bit to easy, though. And the slumberjack is too weak and unbalanced. He wasn't really useful and his skills are - most of the time - useless and too weak. And I never got problems with the stamina. Thanks to the overpowered and cheap items. And the blue pills are way to overpowered, too. You get them to early in the game.
A few bugs I have to report: In the laboratory the sound effects were gone and somehow 2 character could have stand on one hexagon.

Love how the game states that when you heal it inflicts damage to zombies and it doesn't fix that would ya