Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

I want to see all ending.
I just pick trust scientist and drink anti-zombie potion.
Need to know alt.choice too.

This game is good fun but need something a little add.
-Need to act then move not only move then act.
-1Turn can move and use skill but if player use skill already after that they can't move.
-Need undo wrong click.
-More job more custom class!! xD


Nurse - I throw all ony +30%inc.dmg from player to zombie,heal sometime.
Equip herb as sub item for less agrro from zombie,Main equip starmina drink for de-buff zombie every turn.
She is healer and de-buffer.
+Def for teammate is feel useless If all team can stun-freez-kill them first.

Lumberjack - Chainsaw is powerful,fishrod is useful in late level drag anoyying zombie to kill.Equip what you want but I equip 50%starmina use and food.Tanker or sandbag or frontline can good any use.

Hunter - Bow good combo with passive,Rifle is good too but I use only bow.
His passive when use bow have change to act again , can combo with glove.
Good to kill all range zombie feel like pick and kill.

Athlete - this guy normal atk can perma-stun at lv4 80%stun good for interrup something strong another throw is50% and 10% is hmm can't high hope much.
This guy I equip food and glove(2time stun or recovery starmina).
Tank sometime but perma-stun is main job lol...

Ninja(karate?) - This guy can rush close to range zombie he have high Dmg.
good for killing all range zombie or kill highHP zombie too,I equip starmina drink and glove.He can go out Dmg and can double tab or Dmg sometime.
This guy is Dps need somebody dead rush to them and chop twice.

scientist - His ice-rifle is semi-cheater can perma froze 1-3turn at 90% at LV1.
Good for stop a big zombie around ,Item I use starmina drinkGlove for froze zombe often.
This guys is CC umm not use AoE type but can choose any zomebie in map to frozen them 1-3turn.

surprisingly good game except for a few complaints. firstly the hulks are just a bit over powered, being able to hit 3 85's in a row coupled with the fact that the max heal the nurse can give is only 47 (and i gave her the blue pill so she could heal twice a turn) still made it nearly impossible on some levels to stay alive. another gripe would be that with the athlete's ability that increases damage based on remaining stamina, maxed out it said 25% damage, with 408 max stamina, take out 37 for the forward pass, it was only doing 15 extra damage. when it should have been doing in the ballpark of an extra 80. that said those are relatively small problems and the game was very fun overall.

(i trusted the scientist and took the cure)