Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Neat Game.I think it would be better with more characters.

This game has a great backbone -- the characters have nicely varied abilities, and some items are fun to use. A few other thoughts:

-- The 4 endings are not different enough in terms of actual gameplay and the levels. So I trusted the scientist and consumed the vaccine during my first playthrough, and was eager to play the game again making a different choice, only to find out that I would just be going through the same levels all over again.
-- I was naive enough to send one survivor (either the athlete or the ninja) to scavenge whenever possible. During my first gameplay. And came out unscathed.
-- The items are hugely unbalanced. For instance, the drink is by far the most useful primary weapon (unless you have yellow pills as your sec. weapon, then you don't need the drink as much). And of course blue pills is kind of unfair. But this is not a complaint (it was massively fun to have the hunter or the scientist shoot twice every round), just an obvious observation.
-- I personally didn't find the storyline/diaglogue engaging. They felt like filler between rounds.
-- Now THIS is a complaint: survival mode was hugely unsatisfying. In the later levels of the story mode, I got used to having a big cast and a boatload of fun items. Then I only get 3 (albeit maxed out) characters and no items in survival?

Nonetheless, as I said this is still a tremendously fun game. And I'll totally play another 10 hours of this if you'd let me use a team of 6 (with items I collected from story mode) in Survival :)

Awesome game, with interesting character skills as well as enemies. The things that mainly bothered me in the gameplay were the scavenging thing - it didn't seem to bring rewards good enough to warrant giving up on at least one character before each fight - and the initial turn of each fight where there are no zombies and it feels completely unnecessary. Also, saving the game only at the beginning of a fight is annoying.

A great zombie survival game. The music really set the mood for the whole thing. The moves for each character were very inspired and they made sense. I enjoyed the fact that the merchant's items were priced decently and that I earned a worth wile amount of coins after every battle. I also liked that the merchant and trainer exchange dialogue with the main characters throughout the game's story. What perplexes me the most is that it seems like the Athlete can hear pretty well, but can't speak. I wonder why that is.

Very well thought out zombie game. There are a few bugs and the blue pills are way too over powered, should be a new game+ item for harder difficulty.