Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Muito bom, pena que é curto.

This was a good tactics game. It was a bit easy, just stay on the offensive and you win. The nurse was practically useless so it was good to send her to scavenge. Would have been better if the equipment was more diverse, put the blue bills on the athlete and watch the credits roll.

Pretty fun game. Just a little too easy to get that 5th star. I only had someone die in battle three times. Always just one person, and one was because I accidentally rested my melee guy on his extra turn when one more attack would have finished off the nearby zombie. And of course, that zombie killed him that turn. But that was my carelessness. I DO think that the start position of each wave should be unlimited. After all, you seem to have a brief rest/preparation period where you can go to the merchant and upgrade. So surely you would be able to set yourself up in whatever formation you want before the zombies arrive. Not a huge deal for me since my melee guy had the blue pills and had the extra turn so I could get him to the front, but it is something to think about.

Almost perfect, so here are my complaints (well.. suggestions):

1. New game plus feature. After constructing a team that operated like a well oiled machine, I couldn't wait to max out my characters and continue playing the game in what I hoped would be some kind of "new game plus". You should really add it because:
A) people will be able to choose different story lines
B) because grinding and customizing your team is the most fun part of the game, so this will allow people to further develop their team or just grind it out

2) Bosses, you can never go wrong having bosses.

3) Make a grind system that doesn't force you to progress the story. For instance, make the option to "scavenge" a grinding experience where you fight a few enemies and retrieve an item as opposed to having your characters absent during the story progressing battles.

4) Needs to be longer. I think most everyone will agree with me on this. It's my only true blue complaint.

Man, great game, I honestly sort of feel bad giving you a 4.5, but you really left me wanting more and I honestly believe it needs to be longer. Outstanding job.

Really enjoyed the game. There were a lot of mechanics, but it didn't seem overwhelming. Liked the design and the pacing. The scavenging mechanic was cool, but I found that you didn't really need it. It would be cool if there were a really apparent benefit to scavenging, so that there would be more tension between having more defenders, but fewer people scavenging. It's still a great idea, though.

I wish there were a save game mechanic, even if only to revisit the endings. Overall, it was awesome. Keep it up!