Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Good game worth the time I spent playing it. Would have liked a skill tree instead of the pick one of the six... but all in all good job.

I love the game idea. Graphics and controls work great, and the battle is fun and rewarding, but strategically there doesn't seem to be much to do. One guy can attack from a distance, the other can attack from up close and the healer healers everyone nearby, but the zombies move in so fast the strategies kinda loose their purpose. It ends up just all close combat and trying to maneuver the healer so not the zombies gain life as well, least in the first part. The skills add some variation, but it feels the strategy would be better used with a somewhat different layout for movement and attack. Keep it going!


never use the athlete in battle XD

Very easy, and yet too tedious to want to see all the different endings. (I trusted the scientist, destroyed the vaccine, and spared the scientist; next time I would take the vaccine instead.)

Decent art and sound, fairly interesting conceptual execution, rather solvable gameplay, terrible dialogue but good choice of philosophy quotes, and very frustrating that the story just ends and I'm not able to resume from last choice. In survival mode, my build is completely thrown aside, with no opportunity to use the gear and skill synergies I had worked for.

Fun, but replayability very low.

:( i keep seeing good games like this, but they don't let you grind an area at all.
if i get into a tough fight i am just stuck?