Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Really enjoyed the game. There were a lot of mechanics, but it didn't seem overwhelming. Liked the design and the pacing. The scavenging mechanic was cool, but I found that you didn't really need it. It would be cool if there were a really apparent benefit to scavenging, so that there would be more tension between having more defenders, but fewer people scavenging. It's still a great idea, though.

I wish there were a save game mechanic, even if only to revisit the endings. Overall, it was awesome. Keep it up!

Played through the main story. Awesome game. A little bit to easy, though. And the slumberjack is too weak and unbalanced. He wasn't really useful and his skills are - most of the time - useless and too weak. And I never got problems with the stamina. Thanks to the overpowered and cheap items. And the blue pills are way to overpowered, too. You get them to early in the game.
A few bugs I have to report: In the laboratory the sound effects were gone and somehow 2 character could have stand on one hexagon.

Very well thought out zombie game. There are a few bugs and the blue pills are way too over powered, should be a new game+ item for harder difficulty.

Neat Game.I think it would be better with more characters.

AWESOME and wonderful this game is awesome and cool next update add a new character like builder or sniper