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Royal Warfare

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10 lost 5 Points

10 soldiers killed

100 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies

3,000 5 Points

Kill 3,000 enemies

6,000 5 Points

Kill 6,000 enemies

Archers 5 Points

Kill 150 archers

Battle lost 5 Points

Loose the battle

Beginner 5 Points

Complete 6 missions with 3 stars in each

Broken 5 Points

Break armor 150 times

Control 5 Points

Use Mind Control on 200 enemies

Credits 5 Points

Check Credits and write author a few words

Cursed 5 Points

Curse 400 enemies

Darth knights 5 Points

Kill 100 Darth Knights

Detonated 5 Points

Kill 10 enemies detonating bomberman

Farmer 5 Points

Receive 100,000 in gold

Fast blades 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies using rogue class fighters

First done 5 Points

Complete 1st mission

Frozen 5 Points

Cast Ice 400 times

Healer 5 Points

Heal 5,000 damage

Lightning 5 Points

Kill 120 enemies using Flash strike

Massacre 5 Points

Kill 15 enemies with single shot

Ogres 5 Points

Kill 25 Ogres

Poisoned 5 Points

Use poison 100 times

Protection 5 Points

Protection cast 400 times

Resurrection 5 Points

15 soldiers resurrected

Skeletons 5 Points

Kill 1500 skeletons

Stunner 5 Points

Stun 200 enemies

Suffer 5 Points

Suffer 10,000 damage from enemies

The Machine 5 Points

Destroy the Undead Portal

Vampires 5 Points

Kill 50 Vampires

Witches 5 Points

Kill 30 Witches

Zombies 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies

10,000 10 Points

Kill 10,000 enemies

50 lost 10 Points

50 soldiers killed

Damage bringer 10 Points

Deal 50,000 damage

Elite 10 Points

Get 50 elite units

Experienced 10 Points

Complete 12 missions with 3 stars in each

Half way 10 Points

Half game passed

HR 10 Points

Hire 600 units

Shoot the Ogre 10 Points

Kill Ogre and receive no damage from him

Strike 10 Points

Kill 400 enemies using Meteor

Survived 10 Points

No soldier killed in the last mission

Total upgrade 10 Points

Upgrade soldier's class to maximum

Upgraded 10 Points

Upgrade 300 units to tier2

Game completed 25 Points

Complete the game and kill the Undead King

Stealer 25 Points

Steal 10,000 gold

Veteran 25 Points

Complete 18 missions with 3 stars in each

Master 50 Points

Complete the game with 3 stars in each mission

All stars 100 Points

Get 119 stars

Author Comments

Hey NG fans! More than one year ago I started the development of this game and now it's finally here. Hope you'll like it!

Royal Warfare is a new real time game with swords, archery and magic. Train soldiers, combine troops, face numerous enemy waves and enjoy fierce battles. Unite scattered forces, upgrade your soldiers, create a well combined army and smash the undead forces.


- To select a single unit, just click it.
- Select several units by dragging a frame over an area.
- Press ESC to cancel selection.
- Select a group of soldiers. Press SHIFT+number or CTRL+number to assign a group. You can use numbers from 0 to 9.Press that number again to select that group.
- Double click a unit to select all similar units (e.g. warriors or mages)
- Hotkeys: Q to select Warriors, W – Archers, E – Mages, R – Priests, T – Thieves.
- Hold A on your keyboard and then click ground. Unit will attack any enemy it meets, and then proceed to a destination.
- Select a group of soldiers. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and then click ground. Soldiers will move to the position and maintain their current formation.
-Press SPACE to pause game. You can issue orders to your troops while the game is paused.
- Press N to select next elite unit, that can be upgraded to tier 2.
- Hold CTRL and click unit to add it to a selection. Click again to remove.
- Press S to issue a Hold Ground order. X - form horizontal line, C - vertical line.
-Press F to use Arrows Strike.

V. 1.43 is online!

List of changes:
1. Added range indicators. Select units and press Z to see them. Archers have blue curcle, mages – green, and healers – red. Ranged indicators can be shown only on allied soldiers. Can slow down your PC if there are lots of ranged soldiers selected.
2. Now it’s possible to set groups with the CTRL key (Hooray!). Shift key is also can be used for that.
3. Changes in the “Hold ground” order: units now will stop immediately after pressing this button. Added hovering texts above units: “Hold ground” if the order is issued and “Free move” if it’s cancelled. Attacking enemy unit or using the attack stance will also cancel the Hold Ground order.
4. Added new hotkeys: S for Hold Ground, X for vertical line, C – for horizontal line, f – enable\disable arrows strike

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me gusta este juego

i was playing on kongerate, but now that i found it, i can finally play it here TOO.

Pretty great game though I couldnt find a way to enhance the screen besides my own zoom which you really need to in order to micro manage in the end stages. That said the mission were really good but I hated the ones where you got no reinforcement cause some units like the assassins and monk I just plain didnt like. In missions like those I would have prefer to just have starting cash and I make my own strategy.

All in all pretty balanced but I hate micro managing with a passion and toughed it out a good length just cause it was fun, but I really wish I had more freedom in a mission to build my own armies. When you had the chance to buy your own troops the timers prevent rapid buying really limited your options into having a same spread cause you couldnt spend all your money without buying stuff you didnt want.

Considering how in depth this is, it's genuinely surprising that there are times where the A.I just...doesn't listen.

The fact that there's been a dozen instances of: Your men just not moving when you tell them to, your men not attacking approaching enemies because of such issues as they were facing the other way, and your men feeling the need to gang up on a single foe, rather than branching out and taking up more, all put a rather large thorn in whatever strategy you concocted; nevermind the fact that it's been a dozen for each one.

Also, the winning move for each mission is: However many ranged units you can muster, +a couple soldiers and 1 advanced healer.

Either boost the amount of soldiers threefold and increase enemy numbers and strength by 2.1x or make the enemies focus soldiers before leaving, and giving you 10 secs to reinforce after every wave (With the normal long breaks) and you'll have a great game.