Legend of Pandora

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Save the world in this retro-fashioned Zelda-like adventure game with tons of enemies, weapons, quests, level up system, and a huge world to explore!
AWSD to Move
J to attack
K to use
You can change the controls anytime in the options menu

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Is there ever going to be a part 2?????

First off, what a terrible ending.

But furthermore, I have some gripes and some compliments with this game. I liked the take on combat with the geometry of each arena, but monsters can have too much health to be fun. The graphics were nice, but hard to get used to at first. This game was overall ok, but could've been better with greater balancing, more open-world exploration, and less BS.

P. S. I hated the two stairwell choice at the end, never do that again.

I've played a few of your games so far and they're... ok. I won't say anything negative about the gameplay because there isn't anything wrong with it that springs to mind, so I'm gonna go ahead and say that your doing a good job in that department. The problems are with your story telling and characters.

Focusing on this game specifically: I've already sunk about 45 minutes into this game, exploring and talking to NPCs, but I've yet to tease out the major conflict beyond "monsters have attacked this village! We cannot contact the outside world!" That's not good for an RPG, which is an inherently story-driven genre. I should have a clear, defined goal withing the first, say, 20 minutes, and that goal should have stakes. No one in this village seems to be in any immediate danger, and the biggest stake seems to be that Grandpa might never get the newspaper, which isn't exactly the best motivation for sinking a ton of time into what I think is supposed to be a grand adventure. I've yet to be introduced to any major threat, or to a character that interests me at all. Everyone is kind of flat, with no personality. Again, that's not exactly good for an RPG. Even if the only character I met in these first 45 minutes that had any personality was Grandpa, I'd be a ton more invested in the game.

The ONLY other big problem I ran across in this game was that you don't give the player enough information when you send them on a side quest. Simply having an NPC say "Find my son!" isn't enough info when there are six boys in the town and at least two of them couldn't find one of their parents. The boy in question was in the "amazing place," so a good hint would maybe have been "he likes mazes" or something similar that might have tipped the player off about where to find this kid.

Maybe the game really picks up and gets awesome after these first 45 mins, but I've lost interest at this point because there's not enough here to entice me to keep playing. Good gameplay is great, but this is an RPG and RPGs are mostly about the story. There's a lot of potential for a really fun game, but I need more story in order to stay interested.

This game is pretty good. A ton of the game elements are ripped directly from Link's Awakening, but I don't mind. The enemies are way too tough to kill, you have to hit them way too many times before they die. It's still fun, though, if grindy.

Ignore what DoctorStrongbad said in the review below mine, the save feature works perfectly. If you're going to rate something low, then don't rate it low based on an isolated problem that only you experienced.

where is the continuation and why can't I enter certain areas? no fair! :(
game could have been longer.

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2012
7:42 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG