Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

This is my first time playing it and i love the Legend of Zelda RPGs and its series.
this game is so based off of Links Awakening and A Link to the Past.
I dont like to much, but its still good.

how do you learn to push stuff..

1. Enemies have too much health, I got bored slashing 100 times just to kill 1 enemy, even with a weapon that does high damage.

2. Objectives, where the fuck do you go after this or that? I must of spent about 2 more hours than i should have done finding out what to do next.

3. Don't you think you made poison a bit over the top? Atleast let it stop after 5 hits or something, not until it kills you, jesus.

Apart from all that, quite a fun game, but I gave up after not knowing where to go or what to do after obtaining the swimming manual.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Zelda styled RPGs!

Love it. Sure, moving is a bit slow in the beginning, but it's nostalgic seeing on Link's Awakening was the first game I have ever played and... well... most of the stuff seems to be based off of the sprites and stuff