Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

Absolutely loved it, until I couldn't save. I guess I am fortunate I didn't get to far along until I discovered my saves weren't being persisted despite the quiet 'game saved' message. Maybe something on my end, but in any case, I could recommend making the save confirmation a little clearer, maybe with a little sound or having the message on the top layer. An otherwise good experience.

played this in 3 days and i loved it! please make a second part soon :)

Very fun. I like it.

This is very well made! It looks like all the enimies (exept for a few) are from Legend Of Zelda! One of my faviorite games! Personally, I would give this game 11/10 stars (you're lucky I stuck around, the title screen picture put me off it a bit, until i played).

Link's Awakening and Legend of Zelda, but he actually talks to you.