Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

Super Zelda feel! The world goes on & on & twists & turns without ever being repetitive or tedious. Very nice balance of save/ teleport points. The weapon & upgrade balance is a bit easy to bypass/ unbalance, but not critically so. I kind of like not having to hit a creature 500 times to kill it :-D

Two glitches, but small ones:
a) The "Poisoned" written warning stays up after you consume a cure poison potion. This made me feel like an old geezer driving along with my blinkers on ;-)
b) If you hit any other move key as you transition between screens, you bounce back and forth between the two screens. (Which made me feel like an old geezer u-turning in traffic without signalling

Thank very much & hope you make it into a Pandora series!

I love it! Just like the old a links awakening. Very good!

I loved this game. I really only have 3 complaints.

1: If you do not move straight away from a zone line, like i hold up+left while zoning left, it will immediately zone you back the way you came.

2: Projectiles, I ran into quite a few times when a projectile hits a wall, and while the sprite disappears, the projectile continues and can hit me. Not to big a deal in lower levels, but it can become an issue.

3: Assisting mobs, you know, the ones that all become aggressive if you hit one. Not sure if this is supposed to work across all assisting mobs, but I hit a blue slime, and orange crabs start chasing me. If this is as intended, feel free to ignore. Mostly only a problem in conjunction with (2). I hit a spider and glitching bandit arrows start dealing damage and moving me around.

But this is still a great game. While I can tell the game is inspired by LoZ games, the sprites are different enough that I don't feel you ripped them. I will admit I feel enemies jump up in HP rather suddenly (25 or less enemies to like 200 for zombies when you go into the graveyard for example, but I was always a bit ahead on the damage curve so this wasn't really a problem.

I really liked it, i won it, and i really think you should do a secuel

two words: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P