Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

I Died Of A Glitch That Made Me Poisoned For The Entire game. I Tried Antidotes, Nope. I Tried Restarting, Nope. I Even Restarted My Computer! Nope. Anyhoo It Was Great Game Otherwise.

hey the title reminds me of a alien movie - avatar. the movie is about a alien planet the planets name is pandora .

I actually thought this game wasn't too bad. As long as you can find the right balance between Vitality and Strength, while using your skillpoints wisely, it was quite a fun, easy game to finish. Although, I understand your annoyance with the lack of saving, but if it did have autosave, it could possibly make the game a bit too easy.

Great idea for a game but poorly executed. Zelda + Leveling and stat system? Who wouldn't want that. Getting repeatedly stuck in a corner and dying, nobody wants that. You can either put everything into Strength and kill everything rather quickly but die incredibly quickly or you can put everything into Vitality and never die, but take 10 minutes to kill 1 enemy. Overall enjoyable experience but with a few...Key elements dragging this game down.

A great game at first and it certainly could have sucked up my entire night. But then in the graveyard I sadly got inflicted with poison. I kept killing enemies and then leveled up in hopes that the poison wouldn't stick in the body. Sadly it did. This was a game killer for me. Like zorazu mentioned, I hoped the poison would leave the body after a set amount of movements or if leveling up. To find that neither are true is a pain in the ass and makes me concerned that I'll have to keep a massive stock of antidote just to prevent myself from dying from persistent poison.

The game needs the basics worked on. I also found it annoying that the projectiles that the green slime enemies would spit traveled the entire length of the direction they shot it in. Maybe I have not been paying much attention to Zelda. But I'm pretty certain the shots fall after a bit of time. Also the shots can be deflected with Link's sword, but shot deflection seemed to be lacking in this game.

Could have been something good. But for me, it wasn't.