Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

Wow, ok this sucks. The game itself is great, other than the dagger being the most powerful weapon. The main problem I have is that it didn't save my game. I literally saved every time I could, closed the window, and lost all my work. Completely gone.

amazing game from start to finish and unique and i love the zelda type design mixed with the level up system,,, interesing twist on the story and i cant wait for part 2

I must say i love Zelda in all its forms. i loved this this game so much. i think it took me close to 8 hours to beat lol. I also love that it did not spoon feed you to get the quests done i.e. a marker where the quest were to be at so on an so forth. It actually made a person use their brain to get to the next point. the only problem i have is that the most powerful weapon in the game is a dagger. i think there should have been the same base attack for the all the weapons. i might have missed a vendor but i dont think i did. but over all a wonderful game. so when does the second part come out lol? Is there any way that the toon that we have made one the 1st part can be imported to the 2nd part. probley not but no harm in asking all ya can is say no right. lol

Well rounded, fun, and greatly addictive!
Any Legend of Zelda fan or retro gamer will absolutely love this game!
Most defiantly recommended.

love how its kinda like wizards 101 with the gold and quests