Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

Excellent game, great mechanics, fun game play. Actually lengthy for a flash game. But I'm taking two stars out because it doesn't save. The saves are only effective in case you die. After miss-clicking in a link and going to another page and moving back, I had to start again. Not ok for a game with so much grinding and length.

Oh my god all the enimies are from Zelda O_O

Great game my only problem is the poison's inability to leave from your body. it should eventually leave,in my opinion. But other than that its the most addicting thing ive played since Versus Umbra and Madness: project Nexus.

Wow man! this is super entertaining! i can't stop playing, i love rpg's like these! i wanna max out all my stats and save up my money to buy all the cool weapons! IM ADDICTED!!

Your game doesn't load properly.
All it says is "Protected by secureSWF demo version"