Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

i luv how much it takes after LoZ Link's Awakening.

Aww yeah... This is sweg... LTTP/WW sweg...

Oh! Very, very, VERY good!
I love it. The vaariety of items and weapons, the difficulty of the enemies, the level up, all...
Well, the level up. I have two doubts with it. One is the vitality. I don't see it necessary, cause it's auto-incremented by leveling up. The secund... what is Skill Points?
However, it's very good, almost perfect. The best are the drawings. They are pretty good.
I only have one trouble:... How do I use the pushing manual?

Mysterious NPC in first dungeon:
[quote]Hi, Player. I know you are searching for the one who is responsible for the monsters appearing around the world.[/quote]

No, I'm searching for a goddamn newspaper!
This whole stupid quest was kicked off by grandpa sending me into town for a newspaper.
If grandpa doesn't get to read Family Circle he'll go crazy and start running around without his pants on and smear feces on the wall. WHERE'S THE GOD DAMN NEWSPAPER!!!

me: (kills robber) guess I got some money!
game: got an eye!
me: ?!?!?!

great game though.