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Super Duck Hunt

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Thanks to the huge number of helpful reviews here on Newgrounds, I have been able to address a number of issues with the Original release of Super Duck Hunt.

Updated Super Duck Hunt to an MP4 + Widescreen format
Addressed pacing issues, removing 2 minutes of unnecessary padding
Improved music sync
I present to you the definitive version of Super Duck Hunt!

com/custom_edited/duckhun t/sheet/53251


Created by Shane Toner / "features"
Animator, Illustrator from Tyrone, N.Ireland
38,960 frames
19: 34 minutes in duration (credits included)

Created in Adobe Flash and MS paint

This has been a long time coming, 8 to 9 years to be semi exact.

Thousands of custom sprites, lovinglg restricted to an 8bit 4 colour Palette.

100% pixelated
With a symphony of classic 8bit music throughout!

Super Duck Hunt drops the famous characters of Duck Hunt into a war torn Nintendo world, where only one unlikely, four legged hero can save the day.

I hope you enjoy!

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is good


the sprites are amazing, you're such a great pixel artist. The animation itself however... well, it's just random nonsense without any pacing. You set up some semblance of a story saying a hero would step up and end the war, but that never happened. It just ends with the dog running away from the angry sun. Overall, I still think this is definitely worth watching, if only to see those godly sprites of yours in action. 3 1/2 stars, those sprites make it all worth it.

Amazing Movie...Best Movie I Have In Years

this is better than the other movies!