Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

So the whole point of this video was to beat the crap out of the dog, right? Because honestly, that's all I saw. The story is there only for to keep some cohesiveness for the whole animation, but in general it seems everything about this animation had one intent: Torture the crap out of the Duck Hunt dog. There were several parts that made no sense, that offered nothing to a narrative, that all seemed intent to bring severe harm to this dog (Like getting the needle up his nose and getting that virus)

I mean, it was good animation. A lot of quality sprite work, but I don't see the reason for a lot of the scenes. Some stuff gets dragged out for waaaay too long, the video is constantly being distracted by unimportant characters, and the overall punishment being given to the dog is probably excessive.

In short, it was good, but it could've been a lot better. For something you spent so much work on, I'm surprised you didn't put more into the story itself.

This video kind of had ADD. It would have been better if it were much more funny. Other than that it had little appeal other than nostalgic and aesthetic as it had no cohesive plot to be spoken of.

I love sprite animations and sir, I've got to tell you this, this is a master piece! reminds me my old times with my nintendo and my nintendo games, very well done sir, you should try the snes!

this was beautifull nice work I DEMAND MORE

Can you please add a pause play fast-forward and rewind button? Besides that it was good.