Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

This animation was supposed to star The Dog correct?

Where was his involvement in this disaster beyond getting shot up and running away?

I was hoping maybe the story would be more coherent.

The animation and sprite quality is top-notch and the music is warm to a nintendo-kid's ears.

I love the project, but to be truthful, please put more thought into where you're going with it.

Nice! No, awesome! No, beautiful!!! Its really a amazing work!! <3

An amazing work. the story was convoluted pointless and it had no resolution but your sprite work was absolutely amazing i do pixel work myself and i know how hard it can be to make angles for sprites that didnt exsist prior you poured a lot of hard work and effort into the project! and i thank you for every once of it this was very entertaining. good work sir i hope to see more from you!

Randy would have been impressed.



It was alright, but I really thought there was gonna be more to it than that. Like, I thought the dog was gonna kick some major butt, too! Kinda underwhelming, though I did enjoy the spritework too!

Oh well. If there's a sequel, maybe it'll feature some dog kicking ass!

I really enjoyed it. Needs a pause button, or maybe a chapter select.