Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

I loved everything about this flash aside from the fact that the plot had ADD throughout most of it.
Great job, can't wait to see part two.

I gotta say, that ending annoyed the Hell out of me. This was as long as a goddamn episode of Night Court. The next time you spend 9 years on a single animation, you might want to set aside a day or two for plot.

That having been said, it was beautiful. And the music was my absolute favorite part. Man, I was jazzed to hear the TNMT and Rivercity tunes.

Its obvious a lot of love and attention went into this flash. Great job! Even if at times it made little to no sense at all I still loved it. The way you where able to mix in so many different game references was stellar! Please make a second movie and finish the story? I would love to see how the dog ends the war!

P.S. I was only going to give this 4 stars but the music from River City Ransom earned you the fifth lol

It was cool, but somehow, I got a headache. Nice job anyway ::))

Dude this is by far one of the coolest animations i have seen on here. If there was a Flash of the year title i would give it to you