Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

Not bad, not bad at all! A little slow for my personal taste but still a good animation. It's really bugging though, what is the song that plays the first time the dog runs into the hammer bros?

I havre no idea what just happened. BUT THAT WAS THE MOST EPIC THING EVER.

Wasn't that great, and a whopping whole 22 minutes. After watching the dog get beat on for a bit, it gets OLD. Especially when the sequence they're in just does NOT end. While it's well made (considering it's all sprites though mehhhhhh) and Im sure took a lot of effort and time... in the end it just seems like you made a 22 minute sprite sequence and not a 22 minute work of art or entertaining cartoon.

epic. it took me back...:)

Wow. You are definitely a gifted sprite editor. I mean, my God, I was both terrified and amazed with the sprites you made for the Angry Sun at the end! And I felt really bad for the dog getting his ass handed to him. I mean, yes, the dog was an annoyance in Duck Hunt, but he didn't deserve THAT!!!

All in all though, a fantastic movie, and the effort is shown. The custom sprites are amazing, the references and "cameos" are great, and it's just a kick-ass film. Well done, Shane. Well done.