Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

This is actually pretty good with comedy from the old Nes games and good music and pixelated graphics. Though it's quite long on newgrounds standards and the background music skips a little sometimes. IT'S STILL GOOD THOUGH WITH THE DOG MASTURBATING SECRETLY SOMETIMES.

fea-tures responds:

haha Bad Dog! The skipping happens between scenes, it couldnt be helped with the way the animation had to be made, to fit within a single swf.

It shouldnt exist in the youtube version (when its made), because the music will be seperate from the video but in flash, I tried, but anytime the music had to be split between two scenes with the work around I made for stitching the film together, I couldnt figure out a way to fix it.

A combination between my lack of knowledge and the limitations of Flash....

Thanks for watching! :D

An incredible piece, really. I'm really impressed by the quality and scope of this, but if I had to nit-pick (and I do, of course) I'd say that the exposition is a bit long-winded and dull. I appreciate the detail, but the entire opening could have been just as easily established with a few scenes of battle over the duck-hunt country. However, bonus points for the music. Seriously well done, dude.

fea-tures responds:

Thanks for watching! Ive watched over this so so so many times Im completely numb to the whole experience of watching it, it became dull to me years ago (well, besides the idea that I made it), I tried to control the pacing but when the whole thing seems dull to me, its hard to identify which parts need to be reined in :)

May need to recruit beta testers in the future, what you pointed out is actually a big problem you can have with long term projects, like animation. Thanks for the review!


The best sprite animation I've seen, good use of music and brilliant direction. I hope we don't have to wait another 8-9 years for more - anything - whether it be Nintendo inspired or original.

fea-tures responds:

haha, thanks alot, I wouldnt hold my breath for a Super Duck Hunt 2 anytime soon. Im fairly sure I could throw another together in a fraction of the time with the experience Ive gained but Id like a break from the Sprites.

Truth be told, this film has been nagging for completion for so long that Ive not been able to completely focus on any other project without that nagging feeling; Im just glad to be able to have the freedom to explore other things.... for now :)

Great movie! Excellent story, fluent animation, very entertaining. However, I do have one distinct problem with it. A movie this long should without a doubt have a pause button. There's nothing wrong with a long movie, of course, but a pause button (and if possible, scene selection in the menu) would greatly help the viewer.

Other than that, job well done.

fea-tures responds:

Thanks for watching, Im glad you enjoyed it.

You'll find scene selection in the main menu, as for a pause button, believe me Ive thought about of it.

The sheer length and size of the movie is the main reason its left out. The way I had to make the movie really left me with little choice, otherwise it would not have been possible to publish within a single swf file.

Its basically the backwards way I had to make this that got in the way of a pause button, Im not even sure if its possible, but its definetly something I should try and figure out again.