Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

Dude you totally should have waited til after the whole Madness craze to submit this. This deserves first. Amazing job.

fea-tures responds:

Its the day after Madness day where I live, woops.

Nah, there was no grand strategy for releasing this, just wanted to get it out of the way :)

Thanks for watching!

very funny xD I'd love to see another episode

THIS FLASH IS AMAZING! 1: Did it really take you 9 years to make this? 2: Could you PLEASE make a sequel? 3: Could you please put this on YouTube so more people can see this?

The music is so ADDICTING. Loved all of it too though.

Dude this is by far one of the coolest animations i have seen on here. If there was a Flash of the year title i would give it to you